XML Export

Real-Time PNR Data


Data analysis is less effective when you’re referring to information aged 30-60 days.  XML Export provides real-time PNR data directly from any and all GDSs, OBTs and TMCs.


We are GDS, OBT and TMC Agnostic

Fresh PNR Data


Data consolidation is one of our core competencies, perfected over the last 25 years.  Trondent is able to collect data from various sources such as all major GDS’s, OBT’s, TMC’s, airlines, etc.  The collected data includes both pre-ticketed and ticketed PNR data.

The PNR data is cleaned and standardized before it is exported in real-time XML formate to client and other specified end targets.  The data files can be exported via a SOAP API, REST API, SFTP folder or HTTP Post.  Custom data formats and integrations are also available upon request for an additional cost. 

We currently provide data consolidation to risk management companies, analytics companies, OBT’s, TMC’s and direct corporate clients. 

Timely Data with Uncompromised Integrity


Clients have told us how frustrating it is to be stuck analyzing outdated data.  Trondent can provide Passenger Name Record (PNR) data instantly.

When large amounts of data are converted, data integrity is often compromised. Our advanced parsing and standardization technology guarantees that you receive high-quality data.  It is presented in a consistent format regardless of what source it originated. 



Supports across multi GDS and multi TMCs

Supports online and offline booking