Track Unused Airline Tickets

Too often unused e-tickets go to waste.  This can cost companies up to 20% of total travel spend.  Now, you can track your unused tickets with ease and set up notifications to redeem them before they expire.

We work with all GDS’s, TMC’s and OBT’s

Track unused e-tickets

eTRAK PRO automates the tracking of all e-ticket activity (used and unused) in a secure web-based environment.  It is the travel industry’s most advanced, flexible and comprehensive ticket reporting system. 

Unused ticket management empowers customers with maximum cost savings.  It allows you to regain lost assets and utilize every e-ticket with residual value.  It also improves policy compliance through increased spend visibility available through detailed reports.


  • Track unused tickets generated in all major GDSs through an online booking tool or travel agency.
  • Monitor unused ticket segment status until refunded, used or exchanged.
  • Consolidate storage of unused e-tickets with monetary value.

Travel Alerts

Notify travelers about their upcoming trips with pre-depature alerts or when their unused tickets is about to expire.  eTRAK PRO also alerts travelers when they are traveling on non-refundable tickets.  This notification allows them to make any necessary arrangements or changes to prevent loss of ticket value.  

All alert notifications can be sent to the traveler, budget owner, agency or any other interested party. 

How does your current system notify travelers?

Enterprise-wide Reporting

Web-based Reporting

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Automated Reporting

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View All Data

View all ticket, unused ticket or unused segment data