Authorizer Travel Request

An AI-Driven Pre-Booking Approval Solution


Manage trips more effectively from conception to ticketing with a single authorization tool.  Prevent unauthorized bookings and closely monitor traveler safety, company risk and budget.  Use a structured approval process for instant-fare and NDC bookings prior to money being spent.  Communicate current travel policy and requirements to travelers before they engage with their TMC or OBT.

Manage Pre-Booking Approvals Better

Authorizer Travel Request is the newest addition to Trondent’s line of advanced pre-trip approval solutions, Authorizer SUITE. The new platform facilitates the approval of trip requests for travelers who must obtain travel authorization prior to booking a trip with the TMC or OBT.

Authorizer Travel Request is a smart standalone online travel request form designed to serve the needs of corporations of all sizes worldwide which provides a single, structured, and well-documented process for managing approvals.  It improves policy compliance while minimizing traveler and corporate risk and prevents unnecessary spend.

The solution is equally well-suited to manage the approval of trips booked through the GDS and trips booked on low-cost carriers, hotel, rail, ground transportation, and any other non-GDS, instant-purchase fare, or NDC booking which requires that approval is processed prior to booking the trip.

The solution also provides a number of features that elevate TMC operations. Only fully vetted and pre-approved travel requests are sent for processing to the TMC so agents don’t have to waste time on speculative bookings. To provide maximum efficiency and minimize the need for communication with travelers and approvers, the travel request data is automatically sent to the agency by the approval tool.


Improved Travel Risk Management

trip risk is evaluated and concerns are addresses prior to travel

Greater Savings Potential

unacceptable travel is identified prior to any money being spent

A Single, Streamlined Approval Process

automate the entire pre-trip approval process – from trip conception to ticketing

NDC and Instant-Fare Bookings

easily manage approvals with a robust approval process before a trip is booked 

Enhanced Approver Experience

approvers make a decision only once, prior to booking, unless the booked trip is non-compliant or new risks are identified

Custom Approval Process

 we design a unique process for each client to match exact requirements

Elevated Traveler Experience

the travel request and approval process is greatly simplified, especially for travelers whose trip requests and bookings are in compliance.

Data Analysis and Reporting

trip request data can be immediately used for benchmarking, policy performance evaluation, cost projections, budgeting, etc.

Customizable Home Page

latest policy info, notifications, and useful links assures that travelers and approvers are well-informed before they take action

How does it work?

A traveler or an authorized arranger initiates a trip request via a Trondent-hosted web form, customized with company specific data elements such as company hierarchy, cost center and project codes, travel policy and approval process requirements, preferred modes of transportation, communication preferences, etc. In the trip request, the traveler enters specific details on destination, trip date, trip purpose, estimated costs on air, car, rail, per-diem, and all other required parameters. 

Once released for approval, an AI-driven rules engine evaluates the trip request elements against the company’s travel policy and either generates an automatic decision or, if necessary, forwards the trip for manual approval by the appropriate party (Approving Managers, Security Team, etc.). An email notification with all relevant trip information is sent to the Approver. The Approver has the option of submitting a secure, on-the-go decision directly from email or via a website.

As a decision is entered, the traveler is notified and can proceed booking the trip or making any changes if such are required by the approver.  If the trip is approved, an approval code is generated and communicated to the traveler or arranger. An electronic transmission of the trip request elements is forwarded to the TMC if the trip is to be booked with an agent. If the booking is made via an OBT, the traveler is asked to provide the trip approval code at the time of booking.

Just like Authorizer AI, Authorizer Travel Request is powered by a robust Artificial Intelligence-driven engine which offers unlimited number of levels of approval, unprecedented customization capabilities, advanced rule types, and handles even the most complex client requirements.

Optional post-booking check is available through integration with Authorizer AI

To further improve policy and budget compliance for each trip, an optional post-booking check of the booked versus approved trip elements is available through the integration of the Authorizer Travel REQUEST and Authorizer AI platforms.  Once the trip is booked, but before it is ticketed, the TMC or OBT would place the PNR on a Trondent queue in the GDS for secondary evaluation. 

The Authorizer AI Engine will then compare the PNR attributes with the approved trip request attributes and against any additional company requirements. Based on the outcome, Authorizer AI would either send the PNR for automatic ticketing or to the appropriate manager for secondary approval.  This post booking check is optional – some corporations may wish to implement Authorizer Travel REQUEST as their primary approval tool, others will find value in a comprehensive approach which includes the post-booking evaluation. 

When used in conjunction with Trondent’s Authorizer AI pre-trip approval solution, Authorizer Travel Request provides a single, comprehensive approach to managing all aspects of the pre-trip approval process – from the moment the trip is conceived to the moment the trip is queued for ticketing.

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