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In a business environment where value is top-of-mind, we understand that travel management companies must manage travel costs effectively while exceeding their clients’ expectations and upholding duty-of-care standards.   It is a difficult balancing act to help your client reach their strategic objectives and sustain profitability.  How can you achieve this if you are stuck using outdated technology?  Trondent knows the travel industry inside and out. We are constantly abreast of its evolving demands.  We know how to help your end user automate travel policy to accommodate emerging trends like Bliesure or Sustainability efforts.  Our primary goal when partnering with you is to give you the most advanced travel technology tools available so you can best serve your clients.

We have been told by our TMC clients that other travel technology companies gave you false hope and empty promises.  As a result, you hesitate to take risks on new, corporate travel technology.  Our client retention rate speaks for itself.  We set ourselves apart from our competitors by unparalleled customer support and palpable results.  Trondent’s travel software solutions balance corporate goals with traveler satisfaction by implementing an evolved corporate travel policy.  Our self-sufficient technologies were built to accommodate the nuances of each client’s unique goals and processes.


Since 1994, Trondent has developed a broad portfolio of travel technology products and services including itinerary management, data management, and decision support solutions that are compatible with all major Global Distribution Systems, travel management companies and most online booking tools.  Trondent’s product suite is available in multiple languages across 130+ countries.  All of our bespoke solutions can be customized to fit your client’s goals, policy and processes.   Contact Us today to find out how travel management companies like yours succeed using our software products.

Travel Data

Streamline traveler data into a central web-based profile management solution.
Easily manage group travel with an automated arrival and departure manifest solution.
Maximize utilization of unused airline tickets with this electronic ticket tracking solution.

Get real-time PNR data directly from GDSs, OBTs and TMCs.


Take policy control to the next level with automated pre-trip approvals.

Artificial Intelligence-driven pre-trip authorization.


Secure and consistent travel documents branded with your look and feel.


Helping our clients integrate their travel management system with corporate networks, Single Sign-On (SSO), web services, custom data feeds, and more.

We are GDS, OBT and TMC Agnostic.