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Pioneer in Our Field

Since our inception in 1994, Trondent trailblazed corporate travel industry firsts including ProFILER ExpressGroupASSIST, eTrak, and most recently an automated pre-trip authorization platform called Authorizer AI that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. We offer a portfolio of travel management solutions that support smart decision-making for global travel.  Our innovative software products integrate with all TMC’s, OBTs and GDSs to provide one, streamlined global solution for each of our platforms.

Elevate Your Travel Program

Over the years, it became clear that companies were stuck using outdated technology before they found us.  This led to major inefficiencies that caused leakage, excessive spending and dissatisfied travelers.   Travel managers received limited support from their executive team to upgrade to new travel software.  Even less support from IT, who were reluctant to add new projects amidst other corporate priorities like maintaining security protocols or performing network updates.  Last but not least, the travelers themselves demonstrated resistance to change from the traditional business travel tools and procedures that they were accustomed.   

When you account for hotel, transportation, and per diem expenses, it’s easy to see how travel costs can spiral out of control.   We help corporations control spend before it occurs instead of resolving unnecessary expenses after the fact. Part of our job is also to help travel managers build a business case to demonstrate how utilizing Trondent technology increases bottom line savings.  Our dedicated, highly-skilled implementation teams ensure that your IT staff can easily implement whichever solution you choose in swift and orderly fashion.   Our software products match the standards of today’s business travelers, who appreciate how easy it is to manage their traveler profiles and receive automatic response to their trip requests without manual intervention or delay. 

Tour our products below!  If you are interested in streamlining your business travel operations, contact us to request a demo of our innovative travel technology products!

Travel Data

Maximize utilization of unused airline tickets with this electronic ticket tracking solution.
Easily manage group travel with an automated arrival and departure manifest solution.
Streamline traveler data into a central web-based profile management solution.

Real-time PNR data directly from GDSs, OBTs and TMCs.


Take policy control to the next level with automated pre-trip approvals.

Artificial Intelligence-driven pre-trip authorization. 


Secure and consistent travel documents branded with your look and feel.


Helping our clients integrate their travel management system with corporate networks, Single Sign-On (SSO), web services, custom data feeds, and more.