AirWEB Express

Enable secure and consistent travel itineraries/invoices via a customized URL or mobile device. Improve traveller productivity with  easy access to trip details.  Monitor schedule with “add to calendar” functionality.  Reduce call volume with self-service capabilities to save time and money. Enhance brand recognition with configurable messaging options.

Key features include:

  • Administrators can quickly and efficiently create customized URLs incorporating your branding, color schemes and content.
  • All required passenger and accounting data is presented in easy to read formats.
  • Fully compatible with Abacus, Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan and most online booking tools.
  • Supports online and offline booked reservations with GDS queue-based data capture.
  • Itineraries and invoices are archived for 90 days from the last date of travel.
  • Optional real-time flight monitoring with FlightView.
  • Optional TravelGUIDE for city-specific destination information.

Make it easy for travelers to access trip-specific information.  Other benefits include:

  • Enhance your brand image with configurable itinerary management and messaging.
  • Keep travelers informed of itinerary charges when they need it.
  • Improve productivity with flight notifications, itinerary and invoice access, e-ticket receipts, etc.
  • Save time and money by reducing call volume with self-service capabilities and low transaction fees.

AirWEB Mobile

Available with a free download via the iTunes Store and Google Play, Trondent’s AirWEB Mobile offers travelers the convenience of accessing their past, present, and future trips on one universal device 24/7/365.  Itinerary change notifications are automatically sent to the traveler’s mobile device ensuring time-sensitive updates are received. What’s more, the private labeled  AirWEB Mobile App supports your custom branding.

Key features include:

  • Quick, secure, and easy access to itinerary information
  • View and store past, present, and future trip details
  • Proactive flight notifications and updates
  • Content available in multiple languages
  • Available on iPhone and Android devices

Get the app on your iPhone here.

Get the app on your Android here.

US AirWEB Express & AirWEB Mobile Product Sheet Print Me!

UK A4 AirWEB Express & AirWEB Mobile Product Sheet Print Me!

Deutsch Produktblatt drucken Mich

Get the TravelGUIDE feature for free!

TravelGUIDE, a free personalized supplement delivered with each itinerary, provides travelers with real-time, destination-specific information and business services by using geo-coding technology. Upon arrival, TravelGUIDE provides travelers with valuable destination-specific content; such as restaurants, local attractions, events, security tips and much more.

Key features include:

  • Customizable destination-specific content.
  • Local attractions and events Restaurants.
  • Current and 7-day weather forecasts.
  • Discounts and promotional offers by restaurants and venues.
  • TSA “National Threat Advisory Level” advisories and security tips.

Benefits include:

  • Quick implementation – less than five business days.
  • Capitalize on local entertainment opportunities based on traveler preferences.
  • Free advertising platform for creating additional revenue stream.
  • Enhance traveler security and awareness.

Comes free with AirWEB Express & AirWEB Mobile.

Download: TravelGUIDE Product Sheet PDF

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