Trondent is ready to serve travel buyers with a full suite of decision support tools designed to simplify travel management while minimizing travel spend across the buying chain.  As procurement becomes increasingly involved in the decisions related to purchases, customers can be assured of a wide range of products – all in an infrastructure that protects data securely.


Cost control before spending is one of the most effective ways to reduce your travel budget.  Authorizer, Trondent’s automated pre-trip authorization solution leads to substantial savings by reducing unnecessary trips, and controlling costs at the time of booking.  And since Authorizer interfaces with multiple Global Distribution Systems, it can be used globally to streamline your…

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Authorizer Pro

Take Policy Control to the Next Level Facilitate, automate, and leverage a customized rules engine for processing travel requests. Ease decision-making and improve policy compliance. Action a booking or trip request in a single click.  Monitor all trip activity in a single dashboard.  Raise spend visibility.  Save more money with a streamlined workflow. Key features…

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Find.  Message.  Relax. Locate and message business travelers. Do you know where your travelers are?  Trovarli, Trondent’s patent-pending, web-based messaging product enables travel management companies and corporations to track travelers globally.  Trovarli facilitates trip-specific communication through integrated email and optional SMS notifications and enhances traveler safety and security. Key Features Graphically display travelers’ location on…

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