Travel and expense are among the more difficult expense items for businesses to control.  That’s why thousands of customers (including travel agencies, suppliers and corporations) use Trondent’s intuitive web-based software and data management solutions.  Our data management products are compatible with all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and are scalable to support small to large companies with global travel needs.


eTRAK 3.0 empowers customers to maximize utilization of unused airline tickets with increased cost savings.  This electronic ticket tracking system is designed to streamline the storage of unused tickets with residual value.  eTRAK 3.0 is compatible with all major Global Distribution Systems and most online booking tools.  Add-on options,  eTRAK Pro and eTRAK Alert, are…

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As meeting and incentive travel continues to evolve, the complexities of managing group activity becomes increasingly challenging. Trondent’s arrival and departure manifest system, GroupASSIST, helps travel professionals manage group activity easier by automatically capturing group reservations, including all itinerary elements and any unique group identifiers. Features include: Secure web-based access 24/7/365 Automatic capture of online…

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PreTRIP is a web-based risk management system that enables companies to identify travel activity in a single snapshot.  Generate on-demand reports by airline, flight number, aircraft type, traveler name, departure or arrival destination or any itinerary element.  Breathe easier knowing you have 24/7/365 access to an aggregated view of your company’s travel activity. Key features…

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ProFILER Express

ProFILER Express is a powerful, web-based profile management system with an easy-to-use graphic interface that gives travel professionals the ability to manage profile data globally.  Developed with input from end users and major travel management companies, ProFILER Express facilitates a quick implementation by using a standard template with a pre-populated list of universally accepted reservation…

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