Manage Travel Costs without Compromise

In a business environment where value is top of mind, companies are increasingly challenged to manage travel costs effectively without compromising customer experience and duty of care.  Save time and money with our flexible, technology solutions available in multiple languages to address your global needs.

Data Management

Travel and expense are among the more difficult expense items for businesses to control.  That’s why thousands of customers (including travel agencies, suppliers and corporations) use Trondent’s intuitive web-based software and data management solutions.  Our data management products are compatible with all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and are scalable to support small to large…

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Decision Support

Trondent is ready to serve travel buyers with a full suite of decision support tools designed to simplify travel management while minimizing travel spend across the buying chain.  As procurement becomes increasingly involved in the decisions related to purchases, customers can be assured of a wide range of products – all in an infrastructure that…

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