BARRINGTON, IL – January 9, 2014– Trondent Development Corp., a provider of web and mobile applications to the corporate travel industry, announces the release of Trovarli, a patent-pending, cloud-based messaging product for the global travel industry. Trovarli delivers relevant,travel related content to travel management companies, corporate direct clients and partners, to monitor travel activity, improve trip-specific communication and enhance traveler safety and security.

Trovarli uses itinerary data and location information from current and future travel plans that can:

  • Graphically display travelers’ location information
  • Proactively manage travel activity so companies can easily track, locate and communicate with travelers, as they are mobile, 24/7/365.
  • Swipe airports, regions and/or specific travelers’ location details (provisional patent)
  • Quickly highlight travelers’ location information on an interactive map, to efficiently send time-sensitive communications via SMS or email.
  • Generates reports to monitor current and future travel trends
  • View a dashboard and generate reports on current and future trips planned to identify travel patterns, trends and cost savings opportunities.


David Wood, President & CEO of Trondent Development Corp. says, “We had all of the individual parts from a technology perspective, and are very pleased to have leveraged our solutions in a way that offers exceptional value to our customers and travel partners. A key point of differentiation when compared to competitive products is in Trovarli’s overall design. Its interactive map and ‘click and swipe’ feature enables companies to customize messaging based on the circumstances of each travel scenario.” Trovarli’s reporting and dashboard functionality helps identify cost savings opportunities while improving travel program management. Further, travelers need not “opt-in,” to receive the benefits of the product. Trovarli requires only that the corporation enable travel data to be used for trip-specific communications. Travelers can set preferences to receive communications via email or SMS.

Wood indicates future features of Trovarli will include weather, flight information and risk intelligence for compliance monitoring, traveler security and to enhance the overall travel experience.

Find out more about Trovarli here.


Jan Lofgren | Vice President of Sales and Marketing
1300 S. Grove Ave., Suite 204,
Barrington, IL 60010 U.S.A.
Office:  847.898.9144 | Mobile:  847.561.0683

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