Tom Mikulay
Network Operations Manager

The Network Operations Manager position has always been a tricky role to fill.  Trondent is lucky to have Tom Mikulay at the helm to keep order.  He attended the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  His education has given him the tools he needs to fill multiple roles as a manager.  ” The last few roles I held were switching between a Senior Network Engineer and IT Manager.  This allowed me to expand my networking skills as well as develop server, storage and systems management skills.”  Tom’s current role as the manager of NetOps, he says, is like the network janitor – he keeps the systems clean and functioning.

Tom helps the NetOps team provide all the IT services Trondent requires.  This includes network monitoring, maintenance, and production application deployment services.  Recently, Tom completed the Data Center power rework project.  The team was able to upgrade the power inputs to the Data Center while minimizing the impact to our clients.  He also helped migrate power away from affected nodes.  This allowed electricians to upgrade the power connections as required with minimal client impact.  During his short time at Trondent, Tom has stepped up to the plate and taken on his responsibilities for the team and the systems in the Data Center beautifully.  Tom also aids the office by maintaining the workstations and printers on the LAN.  He helps NetOps be the true keystone that it is to the company.

The NetOps team is always super busy.  Tom enjoys that there is always something to do, and that his tasks are continually changing.  Besides the company maintenance, NetOps has their own projects for developing, evaluating, and deploying system upgrades.  They also deploy new features and functionality to Trondent’s portfolio of applications.  Tom is certainly a central cog in the Trondent machine that keeps our products running efficiently.

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