Nancy Armstrong

VP of Finance and Administration


Nancy Armstrong is the VP of Finance & Administration.  She is also known as the “Accounting Guru,” and reluctantly as “HR Lady,” to Team Trondent.  Nancy attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she received a B.S. in Accounting, before becoming a CPA.  She began her journey at Trondent in 2005 as an accounting consultant.  She was then hired by Team Trondent as the Controller (aka manager) in 2006.

All activities pertaining to Trondent’s cash management and financial reporting are managed by Nancy.  She handles all payroll and benefits functions as well.  In addition, Nancy is also in charge of managing our third party relationships including insurance, legal, banking, FSA, COBRA, 401K, etc.

Nancy’s role is crucial to the company.  A Controller’s job can typically become repetitive and dull, but Trondent keeps Nancy’s job fresh and exciting.  There is always something new to tackle.  Nancy feels that Trondent is a dynamic workplace with terrific people, and sometimes terrific dogs. Trondent sometimes allows employees to bring their dogs for the day, and everyone enjoys when Nancy’s dog, Chase, comes to visit.  Nancy always strives to earn the respect and trust of David Wood, as well as Team Trondent as a whole.

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