David Stevenson

Manager of Product Innovation



David is one of the main fixtures at Trondent, having been with the company since 1998.  He has held many titles, his current being the Manager of Product Innovation.  David previously held the positions of Senior Account Manager, Manager ProFILER Services, and Manager of Development.  Due to his longevity in the company, and his variety of roles, he has been dubbed “Knower of All Things Trondent” by CEO David Wood.

The Manager of Product Innovation is responsible for gathering and prioritizing ideas for product enhancements.  Clients, or in-house developers will come to David with suggestions, and David will begin the process of turning these ideas into tasks and larger projects.

The freedom to help clients meet their goals, unfettered by bureaucracy, is one of the biggest incentives for David’s commitment to Trondent.  He is able to glean a sense of accomplishment from simplifying complex ideas, and is frequently called upon to bridge the gap between clients and the developers during meetings.

David has an acute understanding of the clients’ needs, as well as a strong knowledge of the technological capabilities of Trondent’s products.  His direct relationship with the clients, and their teams, has helped David be responsible for the design, development, and delivery of many custom implementation projects for some of Trondent’s largest accounts.

In addition to his work with Team Trondent, David also enjoys the football pool that the company does for Bears football games.  His sense of loyalty and devotion stretches beyond Trondent.  It is readily apparent during game season when he is supporting his favorite team.  He also displays this same level of dedication during his lunch hour, talking about his family and home activities with his fellow Trondent Team members.

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