Dale Finely

Manager Product Support Team



Dale attended Prarie State College, Echols International Travel School for two years where he earned a Business Associates Degree. Dale has 28 years of travel industry experience, including his time with Trondent.  He was originally hired at Trondent as a Product Delivery Specialist, and has since shown his ability to help lead the Support team.

As the Manager of Support, Dale gets the chance to work with every department in the company at some level.  It gives him an opportunity to gain great insight on how everything ties together as a whole company.  Dale’s main daily focus is to make sure as a team the support department is taking prompt action on all support inquiries.

He enjoys being able to connect with every department, and contribute to most product projects.  His favorite was working on Trovarli.  He found it rewarding to be a part of something from inception to deployment.  Dale finds it refreshing to work with his small, close-knit team.  He loves being able to yield quick, great results for Trondent customers.

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